How to Order

You can request quote for all products in our catalog by contacting us via phone: +6221 6531 0200, email: marketingQnQ@yahoo.com, and by filling in our contact form. We will try to reply your quotes as fast as possible during working hours.

Shipping Method

We provide courier services to deliver the products you purchased inside Jakarta. For more information regarding other shipping areas and prices, please contact marketingQnQ@yahoo.com.

How to Install Ceramic

Open the box, confirm that the box content is exactly as ordered. Do not pave using different kind of tiles (unless intended).
To create the best decoration effect, pay attention to the pattern of the tiles and place the accordingly. Clean up the wall or floor before paving.
Draw lines on the surface as paving guidance and make sure that the installation ground is level by using an altitude meter.
Apply cement #325, cement #425 or a mixture of cement and tile strengthening agent to the intended surface.
To avoid misalignment, leave a gap between each ceramics of 3mm for external installation, 1.5mm for interior installation. 3-5mm for floor installation.
While paving, ensure that there is no cement leftover between the gaps.
For corner installation, use proper dose of sticky cement and level. Keep the thickness to 1cm and cover the corner with another tile before gently hammering it using a wooden hammer.
Try knocking the installed tiles with hammer handle to confirm its fullness.
After one hours, clean up the cement residue and other wastes on the tiles.
After twelve hours, check if there are gaps under the tiles with a hammer, re-tile if necessary.
After twenty-four hours the tiles are set and can be washed using water and cleaning agent. The tiles is now ready to be stepped on!
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